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Sex Therapist Atlanta

Some people feel like it’s taboo to talk about sex outside of the home. However, working with a professional sex therapist in Atlanta can take your sexual health (and sex life) to the next level. We do everything we can to make our clients feel comfortable exploring this side of themselves.

sex therapist atlanta

Everything you need to know about sex therapy in Atlanta Ga

Sex therapy is a form of talk therapy that helps clients understand their bodies, overcome sexual issues, and become better connected to their partners. While it may seem daunting to to discuss intimacy issues with a professional, sex therapists are trained to tailor the experience to your needs, questions, and goals. Our goal is to help you understand what sex therapy is, who its for, sex therapy options, and benefits of sex therapy.

What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy is an extension of mental health treatment or talk therapy. Certified sex therapists receive extensive training on human sexuality. A significant part of sex therapy includes education about the body, safe sex, anatomy, pleasure, and intimate connection. Sex therapy also utilizes a unique set of modalities and interventions focused around pleasure and sexual functioning.

Human sexuality is not often discussed in families, relationships, schools, or communities. When it is discussed, it's often from a sex negative point of view creating stigma and shame; it’s easy to internalize this stigma which can can create or exacerbate sexual issues and other mental health concerns.

When seeing a sex therapist, the professional will help you to explore where your understanding of sex comes from, misconceptions you may be harboring, and what information will help you reach your sexual potential.   

sex therapy atlanta

Who is sex therapy for?

Sex therapy is for anyone struggling with sexual difficulties. We work with clients of all ages, sexual orientations, gender identities, and cultural backgrounds. Here are few areas where clients seek our help.


Painful intercourse

In short, painful intercourse is when sex hurts and it's not supposed to hurt. There are common misconceptions that is naturally painful and normal to experience. This is not true or accurate. If sex hurts with penetration, this is the body sending a message that something isn't right. Sex should never hurt. Common causes of painful sex include but are not limited to vaginismus, endometriosis, vulvodynia, and dyspareunia. Painful sex can also occur in the form of painful erections as well as with anal penetration and vaginal penetration.

Erectile dysfunction

Common forms of erectile dysfunction, or ED, include the inability to obtain or maintain an erection (or "get it up" as some may say) and rapid or delayed ejaculation. There are a number of reasons for ED including medical conditions or medications, natural changes due to age, or stress. Society also gives messages about men's sexual performance and expectations of penis havers that can contribute to ED.


Sexual anxiety

Sexual performance concerns is a common stressor for clients no matter their gender, sexual orientation, or background. Anxiety during sex distracts from the pleasure and enjoyment; one may begin to think, "Am I doing this right?" or "What if I'm not good enough," or "Is this person really into me," along with many other intruding thoughts. Anxiety can also cause other sexual conditions such as painful sex or erectile dysfunction.

Sexual abuse

Most everyone, in their lifetime, will experience some form of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse can occur during childhood or adulthood and it can occur more than once. Abuse can occur in the form of molestation, assault, or verbal/emotional violence. It can lead to anxiety during sex as well as create medical conditions that impact sexual functioning.

If you have or are experiencing sexual violence, RAINN can provide much needed resources to begin the healing process.

sex therapy atlanta

How can sex therapy help?

Satisfying sex life

Just talking about sex can greatly improve one's sex life by increasing sexual desire and sexual satisfaction. Talking about sex, or sexual concerns, creates space to learn more about an important part of life and learn more about yourself.

In addition to exploring your thoughts and perceptions of sex and sexuality, sex therapists can help their clients to explore what feels pleasurable and how to heighten (or spice up) their sexual experiences.

Improved relationships

Many couples report, "We have a great relationship other than sex." More times than not, these couples also report a lack of conversation around their relationship. Therapy can model communication skills to allow partners to better talk about sex with each other. Sex therapy can improve your relationship satisfaction in addition to creating a more satisfying sex life.

Improve your sexual wellness with the help of a sex therapist in Atlanta GA


Courtney Geter, LMFTS, CSTS is an AASECT certified sex therapist and Georgia licensed marriage and family therapist and Clinical Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapist. She founded Atlanta Therapeutic Collective located in Atlanta Ga which is a private practice offering sex therapy. Courtney specializes in working with clients experiencing painful intercourse, erectile dysfunction, trauma, and relationship distress due to sexual related problems.


Zoe Webb is a clinical social work intern completing her internship at Atlanta Therapeutic Collective. Zoe helps clients experiencing sexual concerns by helping them to reconnect with their bodies through somatic approaches, find self-compassion, and envision exciting futures in their intimate relationships.


Atlanta Therapeutic Collective serves clients in the Atlanta area in person or virtually. For clients located outside of the Atlanta area, we can provide virtual therapy sessions. To discuss treatment options or schedule an appointment with Courtney or Zoe, please call 404-850-9495.

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