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Sex Coach Atlanta

If you’re experiencing issues in your sex life, know that you’re not alone. People of all genders and sexualities can struggle with intimacy. However, there is hope. Working with a sex coach can help you get to the root of your challenges and find greater fulfillment in your sex life. Reach out today to get started.

Does This Sound Like You?

Your relationship started off "hot and steamy" where you couldn't keep your hands off your partner. Now, you barely touch each other and you can't remember the last time you had great sex.

You waited until you found the right person to experience true intimacy; now that you've found each other, sex just "doesn't seem to work right."

Sexuality education is what you learned in school, from friends or magazines. No one ever talked to you about sex. Now, as an adult, you realize you don't know that much about sex or how to talk about sex.

Your sex life looks nothing like the movies or romantic novels so "there must be something wrong with you" is what you hear in your head.

Sex Coaching Can Give You the Support and Empowerment You Need. 

The above scenarios are just a few examples of why clients choose sex and intimacy coaching.

In many cultures, sex is a taboo topic and rarely talked about. Often, sex education is abstinence based where we are taught the negative parts of sexuality and rarely or never taught about the pleasure of sex or how our body functions. Sex coaching and intimacy coaching are great ways to expand your knowledge and skills around sex and intimacy!

Our Approach to Sex and Intimacy Coaching

Our coaches focus on the here and now; you are coming in with a need and we want to give you the skills and knowledge to improve your sex life. Our sex coaches are also systemic thinkers meaning we see our clients as a part of many systems. When providing feedback or suggestions, we keep in mind everyone who is involved in our clients' lives.

Our intimacy coaching sessions teach clients in a variety of areas including understanding how they define sex and intimacy, discovering their own sexual style, managing stress and performance anxiety, and learning how to communicate with partners. An intimacy coaching session can also help you learn about your body to help you.

What Happens in a Coaching Session?

Your first session will focus on the reason(s) that you chose to start coaching and your goals in coaching. You and your coach will collaboratively work together to develop specific and attainable goals to ensure that your time in coaching is well spent.

Subsequent coaching sessions will focus on how you used the skills and knowledge to do things differently at home by yourself, or with your partner, and help find solutions if things did not work out as planned. These sessions could also focus on further areas of knowledge around sexuality and intimacy as well as teaching and providing skills for you to create change that will meet your goals.

Meet Your Atlanta Sex and Intimacy Coaches

Atlanta Therapeutic Collective has several sex and intimacy coaches with advanced degrees and certifications including certified sex therapists, intimacy coach certification, or certified through a national coaching association. ATC sets a higher standard for our coaches to ensure that our clients get the best care possible. This high standard gives our providers the education and experience to provide high quality coaching.

Unlike other professional services, there are no licensing requirements for a coaching business. Therefore, any person can call themself a coach without proper a training program.

Our sex coaches also work together to support each other which allows us to be better coaches for our clients. We provide in-house trainings for our coaches or attend trainings together. By training and consulting together, we are able to practice new skills and receive feedback from trusted colleagues that will improve our work with clients. We are also sharing new information within our practice so that all clients get a streamlined experience no matter who they are coaching with.

Who Our Sex Coaching Services Are For

Anyone can at any age can benefit from sex coaching! Our ideal clients are those who are ready to improve their sex life and knowledge around sex and sexual health. Our sex coaching is also for clients who have any level of experience with sex and intimacy coach from those with no experience to those who have a broad knowledge of experience.


Parenthood is rewarding, though not easy! Many relationships end due to conflicts around parenting or neglect of the relationship. Our sex and intimacy coaches want you to stay in strong marriage and have tools to help you nurture both your kids and your love life!

New Relationships

If you grew up in a community or culture where sex was not discussed, our sex and intimacy coach is just what you need! One of the most important parts of sex is communicating about sex. In order to communicate, we need knowledge and words to share with our partners about what we like and don't like. Our intimacy coaches can give you the sex education that you never received in order for you to better communicate about sex, understand your sexual desires, and find ways to have enjoyable sex!

Long Term Relationships

Long term relationships are great! They bring us security and stability. However, as you might have experienced, sex can often get stale or boring in LTRs. Your sex and intimacy coach will meet with you to find ways to bring the spice back into your sex life! At times, other areas of our lives can impact sex; your sex coach is also a relationship coach. They can also review how your work/life/relationship balance may be impacting sex and make suggestions for change in these areas too!


Yup! You read that correctly! We can also work with clients who don't want to be in or are not in a relationship! Sex is also a solo practice and not just for people in relationships. However, solo sex is often not discussed or educated on and people don't know how to enjoy sex with themselves!

Still not sure we're a good fit for your needs? Email or call us today to meet with a sex coach for a consultation session!

FAQs about Working with an Intimacy Coach in Atlanta

What are the Benefits of Sex Coaching?

Our clients often report:

  • An increase in emotional awareness

  • An increase in emotional intimacy with their partner

  • An increase in physical intimacy

  • An increase in self-esteem

  • A decrease in sexual issues

  • An improvement in mental health due to the decrease in stress created by sexual issues

  • Improvement in setting boundaries around sexual needs

As with any experience or service provided, coaching is a personal decision and certain outcomes cannot be guaranteed.

What is the Difference between a Sex Coach and a Sex Therapist?

Sex therapy is considered a medical procedure and can be billed to insurance companies. Sex therapy may also require a diagnosis for treatment to be covered by insurance. Sex coaching is not covered by insurance nor considered a medical condition.

Coaching is a great service for those needing short-term care that focuses on skill building and gaining new knowledge. Sex therapy, on the other hand, is best for someone or couples where there are deeper rooted issues that require more intensive work. Trauma, attachment wounds, and abuse are reasons for therapy over coaching.

A licensed therapist also has limitations to treatment such as providing treatment outside the office. Unlike therapists, coaching can offer support to clients outside of sessions such as phone call check-ins or meeting clients in public for skill building exercises.

What exactly does a sex coach do?

Self Awareness

Many people start coaching in order to improve their sex lives. In order to have great sex with another person, you must first learn who you are as a sexual person. To become self aware of your sexual needs, you and your coach may explore different types of sexual behaviors to see what resonates with you.


Most people don't receive a comprehensive education on human sexuality. Therefore, sex education is a key part of our coaching sessions.

Sex education with our sex coaches is fun and creative. Our sex coaches will often use media, art, video, books, and workbooks to teach individuals about sex. We also create a nonjudgmental environment for clients to ask questions about sex. In fact, we welcome questions and there is no stupid question!

Relationship Skills

Relationship issues can often arise when partners struggle with sex. More times than not, relationship issues stem from a lack of or different communication styles. Therefore, our coaches can also provide skills to better improve your communication such as how to discuss your sexual desires and needs with your partner.

For more information about What a Sex Coach Does, check out this blog!

What a Sex Coach does not do...

Although a sex coach can help in a number of ways, and they may be teaching you about sensual touch, it's important to keep in mind guidelines and boundaries around sex coaching.

No Touching or Sexual Contact

Sex coaching is not hands-on. That's right, our intimacy coaches do not touch or have sexual contact with our clients. Our sessions are talk-based only providing information, suggestions, and resources to help you improve your sex life. We also don't watch videos of our clients engaging in sex.

No Personal Relationships

We do not have personal relationships with our clients. We maintain a professional connection with you and do not form friendships or romantic relationships with them including connecting on social media or dating apps.

If we do see you in public, we will attempt to avoid any contact or communication. If contact or communication must occur, we do not reveal our connection to you and may act as if we don't know you.

We care about our clients' growth and progress and want to ensure that we keep a safe space for that work to occur.

Sex Coaches can Help You Connect and Reconnect with Your Physical (and Emotional) Intimacy. 

If you are struggling with your sex life or want to better improve your knowledge around sex, sexuality, and sexual health, sex coaching may be for you! We work with clients 18 years or older, from any background, and in any relationship status including those who are single!

Our process is focused on the present to provide information and tools for you to improve your sex and intimacy life.

Email or call us today to schedule a consultation session!

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