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How To Easily Decode Romantic Hugs From a Potential Partner

"...The duration of the embrace could also be key in determining the meaning behind it: Romantic hugs tend to last longer, whereas platonic hugs are often quick. When hugs are more than 20 seconds, bonding chemicals start to respond to the touching..."

~Zoe Webb quoted for

ADHD, Relationships, Sex

ADHD Insights Coalition interviewed Ariyanna! 

She talks about the additional challenges of being a black woman with inattentive ADHD, eating dysfunctions, and sexual issues.

The Introvert's Guide to Dating:
How to Leverage Your Unique Strengths to Connect and Find Love

People often assume an outgoing personality is needed to succeed at dating. But being an introvert doesn’t mean that a relationship is unattainable—you just have to learn how to use your unique strengths to your advantage. The Introvert’s Guide to Dating shows you how. This book will help you recognize your power as an introvert and guide you in finding and sustaining a healthy, loving relationship.

Times When It’s Completely Normal to Not Have a Sex Drive

"...the close cousin of stress is anxiety and can be a major culprit in low sex drives. This is because people choose from three reactions when they’re feeling anxious: fight, flight or freeze. When this is not dealt with, it can create sexual issues, like erectile difficulties, painful sex with penetration and other performance fears. So, in addition to whatever part of your life is causing you anxiety, you also pile on the pressure in the bedroom, which only creates a negative cycle."

~Courtney Geter as quoted in

Stressed Man
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