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5 Signs it May Be Time for Therapy

Despite taboos of the past, nearly 42 million Americans have sought help from mental health professionals, as of 2020. Therapy has become part of the solution for millions, and it could be the first step toward a happier, healthy life. So whether you feel you need proper psychological counseling or just want to talk to a professional, here are 5 signs it might be time for therapy.

You Feel Addicted to “X”

Many of us have habits that help us get through the day, like exercising in the mornings, making a certain type of lunch everyday, or doing yoga in the evenings. It’s perfectly healthy to rely on rituals like these in difficult times, but if relying on a particular substance, like a food or a drug, or something less traditionally considered addictive, like sex or social media

Addiction can manifest in all sorts of different ways, but if you feel compulsively drawn to a habit you know is not sustainable, you are likely experiencing addiction. The bottom line is that addiction, however mild, is a symptom of a deeper problem. Going to therapy can help address those deeper issues before an addiction becomes debilitating.

You Want to Process a Trauma

Maybe a major life event happened in the past year, like the passing of a loved one, that you feel hasn’t fully sunk in. Perhaps you’ve endured the effects of a traumatic event from long ago, which you still haven’t entirely processed. Therapy can be the way to completely untangle those complicated events and move forward without feeling dragged down by the past.

You’re Having Trouble Focusing (More Than Normal)

There’s no doubt our collective attention span has diminished due to social media. Darting around from task to task without finishing anything, however, can be a sign that you’re not just distracted. If your ability to focus has become so impaired that you’re having trouble simply beginning tasks, because you know you’ll be distracted, this can seriously affect your well being.

Don’t wait until your work and home life are in disrepair! Therapy can help you work through your focus issues to get back on track.

Your Emotions Feel Overwhelming

Having strong emotional experiences are often scary and unpredictable for anyone. But lately if you feel like you’re too emotional over small things, or that your emotions may overwhelm you in a given situation, there is help to be found. Therapy is a great option for people dealing with emotional overload. Together, you and a therapist can get to the bottom of the issues and develop ways to manage your feelings in ways that work for you.

You’re Not Experiencing Joy From Things You Used to Derive Joy From

Anhedonia is the medical term for this very phenomenon, and it’s often considered a symptom of depression. “Depression” is a scary word that you might feel is reserved for people with “serious” mental illness, but the truth is that we can all experience symptoms of depression for various reasons. Therapy can be useful to provide a spark back into your everyday life.

If you see yourself in any of these, it’s OK! Millions of other people feel the same way you do, and more and more each day are seeking professional help -- in person, online, or over the phone. So if you feel ready to take the first step on a new path, contact us here today.


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