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Koral Bise

Social Work Intern

Koral loves to explore the depths of the psyche. With a special interest in the intersection of sexuality and religious/spiritual trauma, she incorporates Jungian technique with a social-justice forward, strengths-based therapeutic style. With a passion for working with couples and partners, she focuses on helping clients build emotional intimacy, pleasure, and connection through the deconstruction of harmful messaging passed down through generational trauma and systemic inequalities.

Koral also enjoys working with individuals looking to deepen their relationship to themselves. She encourages genuine, transparent and oftentimes tough conversations, met with non-judgement and empathy. She fully embodies the belief that the best form of healing, first and foremost, comes from honesty with oneself, and therefore she is focused on making sure each client feels safe to show up as their authentic being, where exploration of their inner world can be done with no fear.

With a background in the arts (she is a musician and actor) Koral uses a creative collaboration style with her clients, empowering them to become the authors of their own narrative, and the architects of their own journey.

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