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Jessica Travis, LAMFT


There are many phases of life and it can be difficult to get from one phase to the next. As a family therapist, Jessica understands that all members of the family can experience distress.

Jessica is a relationship and family therapist working with families where members are experiencing anxiety and depression. Although Jessica works with all family structures, she has vast experience working with military families by helping them navigate the "ins and outs" of life in the military life. Anxiety and depression are common symptoms of those who have directly and indirectly survived a traumatic situation. Jessica understands that all members of the military family can experience trauma.

Jessica also works with neurodiverse and introverted adolescent and teens. As a self-identified introvert who happens to love loud concerts (the only large social situation where you'll find Jessica), Jessica enjoys helping introverted teens better understand themselves and how to communicate with their friends and families.

Working remotely is also a lifestyle causing many people anxiety and depression. There are many challenges with working at home including work/life balance, conflict with family members, and time management. Having worked from home herself, Jessica understands her clients' struggles. Her goal is to help clients find balance while working from home.

Jessica earned her Master's of Family Therapy degree from Capella Universtiy. She is currently under the clinical direction and supervision of Courtney Geter, LMFT-S, CST-S.

Jessica's current session rate is $120 per 50-minute session with a sliding scale of $85 per session.

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