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Kayla Burch, MFT Intern

Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

Kayla has a passion for working with parents expanding their families and struggling to balance family and work. She enjoys helping parents and couples reconnect with each other.

Kayla is known to communicate effectively, and with much enthusiasm, which allows her to help clients learn other ways to communicate with each other. She most enjoys providing resources that address inequities across marginalized communities and mediating constructive solutions that center family values and care.

Kayla is a service professional with 15 years of experience predominantly in youth development ranging from program planning to delivery and evaluation. She has provided treatment to families, couples, and individuals in multiple settings and across the country from Memphis, to Miami, to New Jersey and Philly; however, Atlanta has always been home for her.


In her free time, she enjoys reading memoirs, traveling with her family and friends, and late-night trap karaoke.

Kayla hails from Atlanta, GA but has lived and worked in multiple cities that has added to who she is today. She attended undergrad in New Orleans at Dillard University before transferring to Clayton State University to complete her Bachelors degree in Psychology and Human services.

Kayla is a masters level intern from Northcentral University Marriage and Family Therapy program and under the supervision of Courtney Geter, LMFT-S, CST-S. She is in the process of receiving her master’s degree from Northcentral University in Marriage & Family Therapy.

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