Olivia Pitzini


Olivia works with individuals, partners, and families who struggle with life transitions, sexuality, self-esteem, and relational conflict. Olivia helps clients not only deconstruct their presenting problems, but also find alternative methods for both short-term and long-term solutions.


Through empathy, respect, and support, Olivia strives to create a comfortable space for clients to discuss difficult topics. She believes that people need to feel heard and understood in a non-judgmental environment. Olivia takes time to get to know each client individually. There is not one therapeutic approach that works for everyone and she combines different approaches to uniquely fit each client or family.

As a marriage and family therapist intern at a residential agency for children and families, Olivia discovered her curiosity in exploring how family dynamics and life experiences influence mental health throughout the life cycle. Her background in sociology sparked her interest in how societal expectations, the criminal justice system, and government policies impact individuals and their families.

Olivia is a Master’s of Marriage and Family Therapy student at Mercer University School of Medicine. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology at Mercer University in 2019. She has experience working with people of all ages and backgrounds. In addition, Olivia is training to be a certified sex therapist.