Aaron "Leslie" Clawson, he/him, believes that wisdom is encountered among the intersections of oppression and privilege, acknowledging how environmental, relational, and institutional factors affect whom we are becoming. Utilizing strength-based approaches my aim is to help clients help themselves on their journey towards self-actualization. 


Leslie passionately works with adults, couples, families, and polycules. He recognizes the difficulty those within poly, kink, and/or religious communities may have when seeking judgment-free, sex-positive care.  Leslie graciously assists his clients in navigating areas of anxiety, depression, relational conflict, life transitions, incarceration, and trauma.


Leslie obtained his bachelor's degree in Neuroscience from Georgia State University and is currently working towards a master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy and is pursuing sex therapy certification.

Leslie's sessions are $35 per 55-minute session.

“Let’s bloom and grow together”.


(404) 850-9495

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